Downloads for Teachers

ISAASE's downloads for teachers

As part of our Teacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative (TCPI), we are proud to offer downloads for teachers. At our page for teachers, you can find our collection of resources for teachers, including quick tips, book lists, a name pronunciation guide, and free downloadable fact sheets, lesson plans, and handouts. On the new page, you’ll find a consolidated listing of our featured …

Name Pronunciation Guide

ISAASE - Name Pronunuciation Guide - Pronouncing Names Correctly is a big deal. South Asian Names

Pronouncing names correctly is a big deal. [It] always started with my name. The majority of my teachers made no effort to learn to pronounce it until they called roll for the first time. Inevitably they would publically butcher it. My first experience in virtually every classroom was some classmates snickering about my name. – Fazia Rizvi, actress You care …

Fast Facts for Teachers

Fast Facts

Below is a collection of basic facts and important things to know about South Asian American students. This is geared towards teachers and other education leaders, but can be shared with anyone. Who are South Asian American students? South Asian Americans include very diverse individuals, united by their identification as both American, and South Asian. They are diverse, and each …

Quick Tips for Teachers

Quick Tips

Quick Tips for Teachers and Other Educators Six quick tips for teachers and other education leaders supporting South Asian American students. 1. Know that South Asian Americans are diverse. Know there isn’t a single, monolithic “South Asian” culture; South Asian Americans are extremely diverse; become familiar with the data on their experiences. They can come from a lot of different places. …

Overview of Key Findings

Data on South Asian American Students - Selected Findings from Dr. Rice's Research at JHU

Please find below, a downloadable (PDF) file with the key findings from Dr. Rice’s study. This data is also available on the web at Download the data on South Asian American Students –

How Teachers Can Help

How can teachers help support South Asian American students

How can teachers help support the efforts of ISAASE, and help improve South Asian American students’ experiences? In more ways than you think. Teachers and other education leaders are uniquely equipped to support ISAASE’s mission of Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences in schools, since you work directly with them. In fact, you’re at the forefront of our mission. You …