Quick Tips for Teachers

Quick Tips

Quick Tips for Teachers and Other Educators Six quick tips for teachers and other education leaders supporting South Asian American students. 1. Know that South Asian Americans are diverse. Know there isn’t a single, monolithic “South Asian” culture; South Asian Americans are extremely diverse; become familiar with the data on their experiences. They can come from a lot of different places. …

Overview of Key Findings

Data on South Asian American Students - Selected Findings from Dr. Rice's Research at JHU

Please find below, a downloadable (PDF) file with the key findings from Dr. Rice’s study. This data is also available on the web at ISAASE.org/the-data. Download the data on South Asian American Students – ISAASE.org

How Teachers Can Help

How can teachers help support South Asian American students

How can teachers help support the efforts of ISAASE, and help improve South Asian American students’ experiences? In more ways than you think. Teachers and other education leaders are uniquely equipped to support ISAASE’s mission of Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences in schools, since you work directly with them. In fact, you’re at the forefront of our mission. You …

#AAPIsResist Twitter Town Hall: “Beyond the Moment”

Beyond the Moment Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 3:00pm – 4:00pm May 18 | 3 PM EST (Online) #AAPIsResist Month of Action Twitter Town Hall on “Beyond the Moment.” Follow us on Twitter at @ISAASEorg, and follow @aapisresist. Check the AAPIsResist website for town hall questions and co-hosts. More information about the Town Hall: On April 4, the Movement for Black Lives launched Beyond the Moment alongside …