Training Guidelines for Teachers of South Asian American Students

teacher cultural proficiency

This is a list of Training Guidelines for Teachers of South Asian American Students. A PDF version of this is available here. 1. Face-to-face training is best. Rationale: Cultural competence and proficiency training tends to be most effective when conducted live (Guerra & Nelson, 2007). Although technology can be beneficial for teaching and learning cultural literacy and proficiency, “face-to-face interaction is …

On Representation: In Conversation with Sujata Day

Sujata Day Interview - Punita Rice ISAASE interview Sujata Day

Sujata Day, in conversation with ISAASE founder Dr. Punita Rice. Sujata Day (Sarah from Insecure, also the director and star of her own film Cowboy and Indian, and actress in a ton of other things) is an actor, model, screenwriter and filmmaker,  who wants to see more honest reflections of South Asian American women and our stories in Hollywood. (And …

3 Questions to Spark Courageous Conversations

teacher cultural proficiency

Here are three “Questions & Topics for Courageous Conversations for all Educators Supporting South Asian American Students,” taken from our updated 2018 Toolkit. The first question: HOW MUCH CULTURE-SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE DO WE HAVE? While knowing some culture-specific facts doesn’t make us experts, what do we know?  And, do we recognize the diversity of South Asian Americans? (There’s no single, monolithic …

ISAASE Toolkit 2018

The 2018 ISAASE Toolkit

The ISAASE Toolkit 2018 edition is here! You can click here to download the PDF. What you’ll find in this year’s toolkit: The data on South Asian Americans (also available here) A fact sheet for all educators who work with and support SAA students Questions & topics to generate courageous conversations and introspection Our updated “Name Pronunciation Guide” A recommended resources/links page …

Thank You from ISAASE

Thank you from ISAASE

To our dear community of supporters, As we go into this holiday season, a time of family and friends, gratitude and reflection, we at ISAASE want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for visiting and telling friends and family about our work. Thank you for sharing our research and our free resources and articles with teachers …

Vishal Vaidya

Vishal Vaidya - Photo by Genevieve Rafter Keddy for Broadway World, Courtesy of Vishal Vaidya

Vishal Vaidya is an Indian American singer and actor living in New York City, who you might know from his recent role as Larry the Cameraman on Broadway’s Groundhog Day. ISAASE director Dr. Rice and Vishal have known one another for over 20 years (and performed a duet for their middle school talent show together, and acted in plays together …

Pronouncing Names Correctly – Education Weekly

EdWeek Name Pronunciation ISAASE

Last week, Education Week Teacher published a piece by our director, Dr. Punita Rice, on the importance of pronouncing names correctly. The piece speaks to the negative impact on students’ social-emotional well-being that can come from teachers’ failure (or lack of effort) to pronounce student names correctly. The post also points to the ISAASE Name Pronunciation Guide as one of …

How Teachers Can Help

How can teachers help support South Asian American students

How can teachers help support the efforts of ISAASE, and help improve South Asian American students’ experiences? In more ways than you think. Teachers and other education leaders are uniquely equipped to support ISAASE’s mission of Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences in schools, since you work directly with them. In fact, you’re at the forefront of our mission. You …

Kevin Negandhi

Kevin Negandhi of ESPN for ISAASE's Be Inspired Project

Kevin Negandhi (who you probably know from ESPN’s SportsCenter), is an award-winning sports anchor, sports anchor for ESPN, a college football host for ABC, and a South Asian American who grew up in Pennsylvania. After spending years working as a sports director and reporter for a network in Florida, and winning two Associated Press awards, in 2006, Kevin joined ESPNews, …

Pavana Reddy

Pavana Reddy - poet, writer of Rangoli, for ISAASE Be Inspired

An interview with Shaun Jayachandran, the founder of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy, which works towards changing the pathway of low-income marginalized students in India by engaging educators and schools to participate in a program designed to teach leadership, gender equity, and critical thinking