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We lead the effort to understand & improve South Asian American students’ experiences.

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Many South Asian Americans report not feeling connected to school, not feeling as supported by teachers as they needed to be, and not having ideal experiences as students. And many report that their teachers did not understand them or their backgrounds, and seemed to believe the “model minority stereotype.” We aim to improve South Asian American students’ experiences, in K-12 and beyond, through research into students’ experiences, outreach efforts to spread awareness and build buy-in, and promoting teacher cultural proficiency by sharing information with teachers, and working with school districts to offer professional development.


We lead the effort to improve South Asian American students’ experiences by disseminating findings, sharing resources, and building relationships.


We are at the forefront of conducting research to better understand and support and improve South Asian American students’ experiences.


We develop resources and services for educators, work closely with school systems, and distribute information to improve cultural proficiency.


We lead the effort to improve South Asian American students’ experiences through outreach, disseminating data, and building partnerships.

While teachers all over the nation receive cultural proficiency training, research finds…
70% of South Asian Americans felt teachers could have better supported their needs in school.

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Dr. Rice’s Study on South Asian American K-12 ExperiencesSee the findings.

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Dr. Punita Chhabra Rice’s study, conducted through Johns Hopkins University School of Education, examines the K-12 experiences of South Asian Americans in U.S. schools through a multi-phase, mixed-methods approach.

The study’s primary component is a survey of South Asian Americans (n=85) reflecting on their perceptions of K-12 experiences. The survey includes quantitative as well as constructed response components. The study also includes an exploratory survey of teachers, and a group interview.

Selected results from the study are included in a report in order to outline the experiences of South Asian American students, particularly as impacted by teachers’ low cultural competence. The key findings suggest that ultimately, there is room for improving South Asian American students’ experiences.

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TCPI – Our Teacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative is aimed at improving teacher cultural competence related to South Asian American students, as part of an effort to help teachers on their cultural proficiency journeys. It is part of our larger effort to improve South Asian American students’ overall experiences. Read more.
Diversity & Representation Initiative – Our Diversity & Representation Initiative aims to share diverse stories and representations of South Asian American cultures, experiences, and voices. Through this initiative, we hope to elevate the people and platforms that highlight and celebrate this diversity. Read More.
FOI – Our Family Outreach Initiative aims to support South Asian American students and their families in all things related to the K-12 experience through advocacy, support, and championing our cause in schools and communities. We are also developing resources and tools to offer directly to families. Read more.

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Education Organizations

We work closely with and school systems to share resources and develop strategies for improving student experiences. Click here to learn More.

Community Organizations

We connect with community organizations and South Asian focused organizations to collaborate and maximize outreach. Click here to learn more.

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Dr. Punita Rice, Founder of ISAASE

Dr. Punita Rice


Dr. Punita Chhabra Rice is an education researcher, author of the book Brown Voices (forthcoming), and the founder of ISAASE. Dr. Rice’s work focuses on South Asian American experiences, especially in context of teacher cultural proficiency, and she is passionate about multicultural education and equity. You can learn more about Dr. Rice and her work at her website,

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